Visita guiada al cementerio de la carriona

La Carriona cemetery guided tour


1 hour and a half


Under request for groups from 6 people


10€ per person. Children up to 11 years free


Cementery main entrance

The Cemetery of La Carriona in Avilés, is one of the most unique in Spain. Designed by the architect Ricardo Marcos Bausá at the end of the 19th century, thanks to the prosperity of the bourgeois and Indians who lived in the region, it is the largest open-air museum in Avilés, and constitutes a very important part of the artistic and cultural heritage of the town, not just its architectural and sculptural elements, but for its urban planning: it is a whole city, the city of the dead.

In our guided tour we will walk through its main and secondary streets, and we will talk about art, history and memory of the city through its pantheons and the historical figures that rest there, such as the writer Armando Palacio Valdés, the poets Marcos del Torniello and Ana de Valle, the painter Obdulia García Díaz or the musician Julián Orbón.

The Municipal Cemetery of La Carriona belongs to the European Route of Cemeteries, is part of the European Association of Significant Cemeteries, and inside it we can find works of various styles (from eclecticism and historicism to rationalism, passing through modernism) made by highly relevant artists of the time, such as Manuel del Busto, Tomás Acha Zulaica, Armando Fernández Cueto, Ángel Arias Falcón or Cipriano Folgueras Doiztúa, whose sculpture for the pantheon of the Marquises of San Juan de Nieva, made in 1902, received the Award of the best Spanish funerary sculpture by the magazine Adiós Cultural in 2015.

Visita guiada cementerio de la carriona


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